As part of the redevelopment of New York’s iconic Seagram Building restaurant spaces, L’Observatoire International worked closely with Aby Rosen of RFR and Major Food Group to provide lighting schemes for The Grill and the Pool, formerly the Four Seasons restaurant and redesigned by William T. Georgis, and the Lobster Club, and a lobster bar on the a lower level.

The Lobster Club, designed by Peter Marino, reestablishes the Seagram Building’s notable original connection to Pop Art. Marino’s design introduces bold elements of color and pattern to bring dynamic playfulness to the subterranean space. Following this design, L’Observatoire’s scheme inserts lighting as provocative punctuation, working with brightness and visible sources of light for a contemporary take on mid-century modern graphic opulence.

In the lower level space, where there is no natural light to lend a sense of time, the L’Observatoire’s design shapes a theatrical narrative as the day progresses.