The exterior of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral will be illuminated for the first time this Christmas Season. Starting at 6pm on November 29th, 2022, exterior lighting will shine across the 5th Avenue façade of the New York City landmark until late February 2023. 

Under the leadership of consulting group Coolture New York, the lighting design firm L’Observatoire International, lighting manufacturer Color Kinetics and Nanometer project integrator the temporary lights will brighten “America’s Parish Church” in a new way this Christmas and into the New Year.

Christmas being a time for reflection and celebration for the birth of our Lord, this gift to the Cathedral will bring light and hope into the lives of the many visitors to St. Patrick’s this Christmas season.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful architectural gems and houses of worship in the country. Located directly across from Rockefeller Center, it is visited by millions of tourists, commuters, and city residents regularly in the heart of New York City. It stands as a monument and witness to the living faith, hope, and charity at the center of Manhattan. 

The history of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is one of hard work and contributions made by generations of immigrants from throughout the world. The Cathedral is a symbol of the living faith professed by Catholics, and is a beacon of light and hope to the world.