Beautifully lit modern building

Such as a Desert Rose, the museum unfolds, a living and mysterious element, creating a sensation of freedom surrounding the city

For the National Museum of Qatar, L’Observatoire International followed the artistic direction of architect Jean Nouvel to develop a lighting design that encompasses key elements of the museum’s facade, landscape, exterior artworks and sculptures. Set around the historic Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani Palace, the museum–a space dedicated to the celebration of Qatari cultural heritage past and present–is transformed with light into an expansive organic gesture that emerges as a symbol of global connection.

From the city to the bay, this architectural feat appears like a jewel, caught between desert and sea. Resembling a desert rose, the museum unfolds like a living, mysterious element, creating a sensation of freedom surrounding the city. Questioning without giving an answer, light is emitted from its heart, originating from an unidentifiable place, an eternal energy highlighting the metaphysical nature of the building. Visitors are invited to approach the entrances at the scale of the building itself. At each entry into this modern structure, light grazes the floor, ceiling, and walls, visually raising the architectural structure.

Aerial view