Bamboo Cloud focuses on the relationships between inherent material properties and their potential applications beyond convention. Traditionally, bamboo is applied on the scale of handcraft, yet now, it has been recently popularized as the most organic, sustainable construction material beyond its commonly applied fields.

The advantage of using bamboo has not been thoroughly understood, and thus to date, most applications have remained superficial. But the llLab. architects have boldly explored and investigated bamboo’s performance extremes to ensure optimal efficiency. During prototyping, bamboo strips, less than 1/4 inch thick and 1/4 inch wide, were used to test the threshold for lightweight construction. The process places particular emphasis on the unique material properties inspiring a wider range of construction applications in permanent architecture.

Woven through methods similar to basket weaving, Bamboo Cloud’s overall construction and creativity breaks with convention. Bamboo Cloud, will hover over the Pier’s promenade, a porous volume made of woven bamboo strips, naturally finding its form through resiliency of the material.

World renowned architectural lighting design firm, L’Observatoire International, collaborated with llLab. by washing Bamboo Cloud aglow with light. Partnered with Nanometer Lighting with Color Kinetics, suppliers of advanced technology high efficiency lighting, they bring Bamboo Cloud to another level of beauty.


Architectural Design: llLab. Based in Shanghai Team members: Hanxiao Liu, Luis Ricardo, Lexian Hu, Fei Chen, Yujun Yan, Lingling Liu, Lihua Mi, Hao Zhang, Qiwei Zeng, Suian Xie

Structural Design: LuAnLu Partners Structure Consulting Team members: Yang Lu

Engineered Bamboo Consultant: Yi Zhu Fan Gong Team members: Hongtao Li, HaiYan Luo, Ping Wang

Metal-Work Consultant: Shanghai Yijun Exhibition Service Team members: Xiaohua Zeng, Gezi Chen, Beihu Liu, Peiyu Liu

Bamboo-Weaving Artisans: Team members: Ping Wang, Guoxiang Wang, Chunliang Long, Hongchuan Mu, Qiongyao Liu, Haifeng Zhou

Special Thanks: Xilong Zhang, Puqiang Liu

Lighting Design

Lighting Design: L’Observatoire International Team members: Hervé Descottes, Carlos Garcia, Esteban Varas, Jacinda Ross, Diksha Wahi

Studio Dubuisson

Nanometer Lighting with Color Kinetics Led by: Chris Bocchiaro

Architectural Designer




Date Completed


Project Leader

Photo Credit

Xi Chen + Chris King