Richard Meier Light is a design lab for the development of unique lighting products, sculptures and collaborations that explore the concepts of light, color, shadow and shape. Forged through a collaboration of three partners, Richard Meier, Ana Meier and Hervé Descottes, Richard Meier Light seeks to understand the potent combination of design, lighting technology and wellbeing. The inaugural lighting collection launched in spring 2017, composed of 12-pieces that elevated the art of lighting with simplicity, geometry and lightness. With the new sculptural lighting collection from Richard Meier Light, launched in summer 2021, the trio of artists have pushed deeper into an exploration of the intersection of light, color, shadow and shape. An iconic collection composed of four limited-edition monumental light sculptures and a chandelier, the pieces introduce a colored light experience and bold materiality to the brand’s repertoire.

Aperture Perspective Portal Intersection Cycladic Circle Sconce Cycladic Square Sconce Barcelona I Sconce Barcelona II Sconce Fire Island Floor Lamp I Fire Island Floor Lamp II Fire Island Floor Lamp III Cycladic Globe

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Antoine Bootz