Jacinda Ross

Senior Designer

Senior Designer Jacinda Ross received her Bachelor’s in Architecture at the University of Wisconsin, where she quickly realized the experiential and physiological impacts within a space are enormously dependent upon the animation and accentuation of light, both natural and electric. She went on to Parsons School of Design for a dual Master’s in Architecture and Lighting. Her thesis was on the re-envisioning of urban rooftops and the potential there for place-making with light-embracing architectural geometries.

Ross joined L’Observatoire International in June 2021 after years of working between New York and San Francisco in the lighting design field. Ross’s projects include work on a residential estate in Montauk and the Ramses hospitality project in Madrid. Ross has continued involvement in lighting academia by teaching at Parsons and has juried for design studios at Parsons, Pratt, Drexel University in Philadelphia, and California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

Jacinda Ross' projects