111 West 57TH Street

This SHoP Architects designed midtown tower will be one of the tallest residential towers in the world once it reaches its maximum height of 1,428 feet (438 meters). It will also hold the world record for the slenderest tower in the world; at 60 feet wide, its width to height ratio will be 1:24. Terra cotta cladding and an art deco aesthetic complement the Steinway building at its base, as well as the surrounding architecture.


The lighting evokes jewelry at the crown and shimmer down the cladding of this very feminine and graceful tower. Dynamic changes to the lighting are linked to the lunar cycle and visually connect the crown to the ground level.


L’Observatoire International scope includes the façade lighting for both the new tower and Steinway Hall, all terraces, performance spaces in Steinway Hall, amenities areas as well as both new tower and Steinway residential units.

Location New York, New York, USA
Architect SHoP Architects
Interior Designer Studio Sofield
Client Property Markets Group
Client JDS Development Group
Type Residential
size316,000 ft2 / 30,000 m2
Status In Progress

L'Observatoire Intl Team
Principal Hervé Descottes
Project Leader Carlos Garcia
Project Team Esteban Varas Jeff Taylor Jenny Ivansson Natalia Priwin
Photo Credits SHoP Architects