Architect Jean Nouvel’s concept of elevated bungalows draws the horizontal landscape up into the verticality of the towers, promoting a unique conceptualization of vertical living that reflects the comfort and intimacy of a spacious home immersed in nature. The tower is a parallelepiped on a square base that rises from the natural landscape of water and bamboos and is oriented to maximize distant views. Its complexity comes from the interior: the variation between floors, the use of sky gardens and the movement of turning facade panels in a delicate combination of pure white monochromatic shape encroached by bamboo.

Combining cutting-edge use of color LEDs and custom-designed fixtures, Descottes has helped create another wholly original addition to Singapore’s cityscape, promoting a unique conceptualization of vertical living. Innovative color blends highlight the bamboo-filled terrace gardens flourishing throughout the interior of the residence.  The seamless progression of luminance upwards intensifies the texture of the foliage with luscious color saturation while drawing the eye upwards and accentuating the verticality of the landscape.

L’O scope includes the façade, interior public areas including atrium void area and circulation, pool area and amenities area.



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