In collaboration with Ateliers Jean Nouvel and Wing Tai Holdings Limited, the Anderson18 residential towers in Singapore’s prestigious Ardmore and Anderson enclave offers a unique integration of lush greenery and urban luxury. The two 36-story towers (112,098 sqf) development include 156 exclusive apartment units, BBQ pits, clubhouse, gym and leisure pool, and terraces.

The exterior lighting includes ingress, egress, grade level landscaping, tennis court, public terraces, public swimming pools; while interior lighting includes main lobbies, typical elevator cab, gym with whirlpools, steam room, changing room, leisure pool and lounge area.

A unique conceptualization of vertical living, in which the traditional horizontal landscape is drawn into the vertical, combines lush vines flourishing and weaving amidst the residential architecture. In the shared spaces of the towers, custom-designed fixtures have been integrated into planters for an immersive subtlety of atmosphere. Throughout, the innovative use of cutting-edge color LEDs saturates the greenery, accentuating the landscape and elevating the unique coloration of the flora. Seen from below, the vines pop with color as they weave upwards.  Fusing flora and cityscape, this unparalleled use of luminescence produces a structure that dazzles both residents and passersby. Elsewhere, pendulous custom fixtures hang gourd-like off the cables, assimilating into an environment that beautifully melds the natural and the domestic.



Date Completed


Project Leader

Jeff Taylor