Jacksonville Northbank Lawn + Riverfront Plaza competition

We are very happy to collaborate with Olin Partnership Ltd on the redesign of the public riverfront park at the Jacksonville Landing site in Florida. Olin was shortlisted among three national firms who were selected by procurement officials to compete for the final contract.

The new space shall be a catalyst for economic development and spark civil discourse of local communities. It will appear as a landmark, visible from across the river and shape the identity of the neighborhood. The lighting concept aims to highlight the vibrant destination while also defining the strict preservation of the native landscape and its rich ecosystem.

Location Jacksonville, FL, USA
Date Completed 2021
Landscape Architect Olin Partnership
Fluidity Design Consultants Fluidity Design Consultants
artist Ned Kahn
Artist Erin Kendrick
Type Exterior + Landscapes
Status Competition

L'Observatoire Intl Team
Principal Hervé Descottes
Project Leaders Jenny Ivansson Mint (Kamolnadda) Thumrongluck
Project Team Anna Muslimova Elisa Forlini Gianni Franceschi Jun Soo Park
Photo Credits OLIN Partnership, L'Observatoire International