Alain Ducasse’s bistro evokes the charm and pleasure of the original Benoit in Paris, which opened its doors in 1912. Named after Benoit Matray, the restaurant remained in his family for 93 years, spanning three generations, until Matray’s grandson, Michel Petit, handed it over to Alain Ducasse in 2005. As the authentic Parisian bistro fare has the quality of seducing beyond borders, Benoit opened its doors in Tokyo in the fall of 2005, followed by two other openings in 2008, Le Comptoir de Benoit in Osaka, Japan, and Benoit in New York. Drawing influence from the repertoire of 100-year-old recipes that originated from la Mère Marie’s secret recipe which book and have become the hallmark of Benoit, Alain Ducasse and Chef Philippe Bertineau have composed a menu that celebrates traditional French cuisine with modern technique, seasonal ingredients, and a lighter hand.



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Etienne Gillabert

Natalia Priwin