Pendry Manhattan West is Pendry's first NYC hotel, located in Midtown West and nestled within the massive buildings of nearby Hudson Yards. L'Observatoire International's wish was to create a destination that feels inviting, while celebrating its sophisticated glamour. Guests are transported upon arrival, welcomed by a special feeling of warmth and sweetness, like honey. It was important to create this sensation of a beautiful and intimate destination in the midst of these buildings, which serves as a contrast to the cold nature of the multiple surrounding glass facades.

Complementing the elegance of the undulating facade by Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill, the exterior lighting used discreetly placed fixtures for soft, understated light concentrated at the entry, drawing the eye inside. Inside, L'Observatoire International crafted varied layers of lighting into the spaces and objects throughout, working with the interior designer Gachot Studios on bespoke decorative lighting. The use of contrast establishes ambiance and hierarchy, creating spaces that cultivate uniquely interactive experiences between guests. With integrated linear light detailed into wall paneling and millwork, richly glowing decorative light fixtures, and shielded point sources within the architecture, the lighting design enhance the rich materials and finishes. Glowing, diffuse light sources for intimate warmth are supplemented with precise detailing for intuitive functionality that provides articulated yet relaxed comfort.

Natural light from a fireplace and dramatic uplighting within the lush plantings along entry lobby are enhanced with a glowing reception portal and translucent panels by artist John Wigmore. Tucked away behind this arrival, L'Observatoire International creates a very specific and unique bar, where every light fixture disappears as if it were totally blended into the architectural details. The gold finishes reflects light on the back bar, which gives the appearance of glowing bottles, almost like a fireplace. Elsewhere in the public spaces and guestrooms, lighting is thoughtfully attuned to adapt to the day’s rhythm. The event and meeting rooms have been designed to be especially adaptable, with tunable white glowing feature ceilings transforming the spaces from hosting business meetings, to gathering spaces for weddings, or even an intimate dinner. The corridors leading to guestrooms have warm linear light tucked very low into the base of the walls, allowing the floors to be gently lit for wayfinding without creating too bright of a space.

Guestrooms are all equipped with several light settings that allow guests to customize their environment appropriately, whether it's business or pleasure. Linear light built into the millwork and unique glowing decorative objects throughout allow each room to be flooded with bright ambient light or dimly dotted with atmospheric glow. No matter the occasion, the lighting creates a space where one could enjoy a very romantic evening - all of this in the heart of New York City.



Interior Designer

Gachot Studios



Date Completed


Project Leader

Carlina Geraci

Natalia Priwin

Photo Credit

Courtesy of Brookfield Property Partners

Pendry Manhattan West