The Crest at Prince Charles Crescent  is a luxury condominium development in Singapore. The development consists of 496 residential units sitting atop 256,000 SF of landscaped grounds. In the center is a fountain, connected to a large bio lagoon and waterways that spill throughout the grounds.     

Japanese architecture firm Toyo Ito and Associates commissioned L’Observatoire International to provide lighting concepts for  all interior and exterior public spaces, public amenities, landscape design, lagoon and waterways, and the facade.

Taking inspiration from floral blossoms , Ito sought to harmonize the structural with the natural.  The architecture symbolises growing life, as seen in the upwards vertical design of the buildings recalling, and the covering of these towers’ facades in plants and greenery.  L’OI’s main objective was to emphasise the feeling of architecture opening up into the sky. On the facade, L’OI subtly illuminated the greenery with soft, concealed fixtures to dapple and accentuate the ceiling planes. L’OI then used a differentiating light of cool temperature to run up and down the main support structures, creating an artificial and contrasting effect that defined the building’s foundation.

Also in L’OI’s scope was the creation of a dynamic lighting display for the landscape that integrates the architecture into the context of its surroundings.  L’OI created a system of integrated LED lights linked to the lunar cycle that light the perimeter of the lagoons and waterways, graphically objectifying the water below. L’OI also designed custom copper light fixtures modeled on the shape of reeds and flowers to line the river meadows, blending seamlessly into the flowering plants at the water’s edge.