Together with Roman and Williams, L’Observatoire was commissioned to develop a lighting design concept for Paris’s La Rotonde de la Muette restaurant. Located on a major intersection in the 16th arrondissement, La Rotonde’s great history and visibility has established it as a true Parisian landmark.

L’Observatoire worked with Roman and Williams to incorporate the restaurant’s existing palette, found in details such as the gold ceiling, throughout the new design. The design also considered preservation of the restaurants Parisian bourgeois aesthetic and heritage.  

In this effort the L’Observatoire team used carefully placed custom decorative fixtures to highlight the entrance and exterior perimeter and frame views from the exterior to interior, from the dining area towards the bar. The emphasis on architectural accent lighting shifts focus to individual tables and other destinations within the restaurant. To complete the mood decorative finishes were added to architectural fixtures as well, and circulation areas were limited to low level step lights  to illuminate the floor only, minimize glare and create dining destination spaces by giving little importance to circulation spaces. Located on axis with the entrance, La Rotonde’s bar is a natural focal point for the restaurant. To further define its prominence, L’Observatoire used backlighting and incorporated glowing glass shelves. As a result the glowing bar and its tentacles serve as the restaurant’s de facto hearth.