The lighting gives the room its specific character, defines the space, sets the stage for the forms and materials, creates moods. It is often not the individual architectural elements of a building that you recall – what sticks in the memory is the impression of an atmosphere, an experience that remains ingrained in our subconscious. The illumination of the new roofgarden provides the visitor with different lighting moods that vary according to the time of day and the function required.

The lighting emphasises the architecture in the roofgarden. The illumination of the ceiling panels creates a connection between the interior and exterior, between the hotel and the city. In this respect, the roofgarden is already visible to passers-by and customers from the street. The mood of the lighting is not only adjusted to suit the time of day, it can also be altered with different light intensities and, depending on the weather, made softer in warm, white light or stronger in cool light. Targeted placement of spotlights lights the tables, bringing lustre to the room a creating a pleasantly contrasting mood. Soft backlighting welcomes guests in the side alcoves, where the light increases the depth of the wall landscapes.

The sumptuous breakfast buffet is presented in the mornings and is transformed into a platform that provides space for art in the evenings. The roofgarden lounge provides a more intimate lighting mood that invites guests to see out their evening by the roaring fireplace.

Interior Designer

Agence Jouin Manku



Date Completed


Project Leader

Photo Credit

Nicolas Matheus courtesy of Bayerischer Hof Hotel