COQODAQ, the latest venture from Korean American restaurateur Simon Kim, renowned for his Michelin-starred COTE Korean Steakhouse in New York and Miami, brings a fresh fried chicken concept to the Flatiron district. Under the guidance of executive chef Seung Kyu Kim, the restaurant infuses its dark, opulent dining space with elements of art nouveau and abstracted interpretations of traditional Korean designs, complemented by bespoke furniture and carefully curated lighting.

Upon entering, guests encounter a chic handwashing station crafted from green soapstone, featuring leathered finishes and elegant bronze Italian fixtures. A warm bronze mirror, echoing the restaurant’s ovoid logo, illuminates the space with a flattering glow. The dining area offers an inviting atmosphere, with an informal layout centered around a communal table available on a first-come, first served basis, alongside high-top tables, and moveable furniture pieces.

The flow of the dining room is accentuated by a series of illuminated “ghost” arches crafted from cast glass and bronze metal, providing a unique architectural touch. Theater lights positioned along the banquettes add further intrigue, while a mirrored wall at the room’s end creates a captivating infinity effect.

Additionally, our lighting concept is seamlessly integrated into the architecture and interior designs with careful concealment enhancing the ambiance. The layers of light are calibrated to transition the restaurant through different moods from lunch, to early dinner, to late night, ensuring a dynamic and engaging dining experience.


4,120 ft2 / 383 m2



Date Completed


Project Leader


Christina Hébert

Olivia Massaro

Photo Credit

Jason Varney