Table of envy

First, there is CoCo. Two syllables for a small name that says a lot. When you say it, CoCo sounds like a champagne bubble, a mixture of chic and laughter. The mouth sparkles, the spirit becomes lighter. If you experience it for a moment in a restaurant, CoCo will not be one of those addresses where you simply cross the table. You will have lunch, dinner and much more.

Then there is the Opera. The beating heart of the district, where the energy of the Boulevards, the luxury of Vendôme, Paris going and the whole world coming meet.

Is it really a monument? More surely an emotion, in turn, a pride of architecture, a living temple where body and voice become lyrical, a house of memory, mystery and now CoCo, an open and intimate table to share the privilege.

CoCo is a table of desires. The kind where the hours are countless: morning, evening, from inspired breakfasts to tea times, from lively lunches to enchanting dinners.

CoCo does not cook like a demi-mondaine, and cooks with charm and character. Make way for beautiful dishes, strong flavours, seasons picked in their rightness. Make way for this idea of a city-dwelling terroir, simple without being simplistic, inspired without being precious, talented enough to make you smile.

Coco is a jewel inside Opera Garnier. Interior architect Corinne Sachot collaborated with designer Thierry Boutemy to link a classic, elevated décor with a luxurious vegetation inside the restaurant. The lighting by L’Observatoire International completes this symbiosis by conjuring silhouettes of tropical leaves onto the curved ceilings.

Interior Designer

Corinne Sachot



Date Completed


Project Leader

Photo Credit

Romain Ricard courtesy of Corinne Sachot

L'Observatoire International