L’Observatoire International makes each space between destinations a moment to explore and a luxurious experience of a voyage out to sea.

For their latest vessel, Celebrity Cruise enlisted architecture firm Jouin Manku and lighting designers L’Observatoire International to define the beating heart of the ship, known as The Grand Plaza of the Celebrity Edge. Jouin Manku designed the Main Dining Atrium, the Grand Plaza with his central Martini bar and connecting circulation spaces, employing both conceptual and experimental approaches, marking a turning point in transatlantic design.

L’Observatoire International developed a multi layered lighting strategy that defines the Grand Plaza as the main attraction, and the circulation areas as exhibition spaces. Individual lighting layers were incorporated to create features of artwork and architectural details where a system of adjustable lights creates a dynamic atmosphere within the core of the ship from day to night.

As the heart and gathering place of the ship, The Grand Plaza is central to an array of restaurants, bars and cafes where the main feature is a monumental chandelier that infuses the space with vibrant shades of white or warm golden color. Striations of linear fixtures form a frond shaped chandelier that fans out onto the ceiling and interacts with a geodesic fence surrounding the Martini Bar, creating a centerpiece to the ship. The infrastructure of the Grand Plaza is accentuated with warm light at the ceiling in coves that outline each deck bringing focus to highly crafted millwork spreading to the corridors like nerve endings from the core.

Leaving The Grand Plaza, the pattern of the ship’s hull is revealed at the corridor with coves of light on the upper and lower parts defined by a play of shadow and light creating a feeling of rhythmic motion. Unlike in other cruise ships, transitory spaces are elevated to the role of a gallery where vignettes of artwork create a curated transition from one space to another. Geometric figures by the artist Xavier Veilhan are brought in to focus with a system of accent and ambient light nodding to the architect’s inspiration of an Italian piazza creating a village of attractions to explore.

L’Observatoire International’s lighting design celebrates the ships core showcasing the highly crafted framework of Celebrity Edge, making each space between destinations a moment to explore and a luxurious experience of a voyage out to sea.

length 306m  / width 38m / 129000 ton

Capaccity: 16 decks / 1450 cabins / 2900 passengers

Interior Designer

Agence Jouin Manku

Architect of Record

Chantiers de l'Atlantique



Date Completed


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Photo Credit

Eric Laignel Courtesy of Jouin Manku