Vaudoise Arena

In the new districts of the West of Lausanne in Switzerland, which are developing rapidly, an impressive sports centre is emerging under the direction of Pont 12 architects. It includes a 14,000-seat ice rink and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. The rink has already hosted the Youth Olympic Games in January 2019, while the pool is scheduled to be completed in mid-2021.


As a unique concept in the world, the rink is illuminated by continuous light strips that pass through the space. The complex lighting of the swimming pool, made up of nearly 1,000 lights inserted into the ceiling, makes it possible to create dotted lines of light accompanying the swimmers' path, but also a starry sky for leisure moments.


Table tennis and fencing are also illuminated by thin bands of suspended light. All of the lighting in sports spaces meets the latest extremely complex standards in terms of power, light levels (horizontal and vertical) and uniformity. By their disposition, multiplication or spreading of sources, it also seeks to respond to the recurring problem of glare in sports facilities.


The facade of thick glass panels is backlit, playing between façade and interior lighting

Location Lausanne, Switzerland
Date Completed 2021
Architect PONT12
Client Centre Sportif de Malley
Type Sport Facilities
Status Built

L'Observatoire Intl Team
Principal Hervé Descottes
Project Leader Etienne Gillabert
Project Team Elie Nespoulous
Photo Credits L'Observatoire International, Vincent Jendly / Pont 12, Radek Brunecky / Pont 12, Vincent Jeudy