On the outskirts of Lausanne, Switzerland, next to the new sports centre of Malley, which includes the new Lausanne Hockey Club ice rink and an Olympic swimming pool, there is an underpass called "passage des Coulisses." While it is still little used, it will soon join the forecourt of the sports center and the neighborhoods above it with the new districts of towers of Malley.

It was designed by Pont12 in raw concrete, with an impressive bike ramp that contains stairs for pedestrians, then a passage that branches to the platforms of the Prilly-Malley train station.

L'Observatoire International complimented the Pont12 bike ramp with linear lighting that washes the curves of the concrete, while the passage itself has been equipped with light arches whose intensity increases as pedestrians or bicycles pass. The passage has already been used by dancers as a backdrop for films, which animates the arches at the passage as dancers pass, offering an infinite source of inspiration.





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Vincent Jendly / Pont12

L'Observatoire International