The redevelopment of 125th Street, one of Manhattan’s main East-West arteries, is calibrated to play a starring role in the current renaissance of Harlem. Our scope emphasizes the west side where the project overlaps the extension of Columbia University campus, and will highlight several bridges and a historic aqueduct as unique identifying elements of the neighborhood.

A comprehensive masterplan was developed with the goal of bringing to light the unique characteristics of the neighborhood while making the area safe and easy to navigate. Specific elements are highlighted to create local architectural icons, drawing attention away from the traffic by creating visual points of interest. The MTA bridge is charcaterized by a combination of fine filigree forms with industrial strength. Lighting from within the structure will bring about a play of light and shadow, making use of the delicate filigree shapes. At the top of the bridge, dynamic lighting will be linked to the movement of the subway. The highway viaduct bridge is a historic artifact with dramatic arches; they will be lit from within by either street poles or suspensions.