The Alla Grande life invites itself to Paris!

The charismatic Milanese aesthete never does things by halves. Gigi wanted his Parisian flat on the roofs of Paris, in the Golden Triangle. With the Eiffel Tower in her sights and the Théâtre des Champs Élysées as her downstairs neighbour, Gigi has undeniably put down roots in one of the most beautiful places in Paris.

Gigi likes to immerse her guests in the warm refinement of her native country. Under the inspired guidance of Hugo Toro, the string of columns, the lime plaster, the yellow Sienna marble and the Roman travertine create a grandiose décor worthy of a Venetian palace. Here, conviviality is king, yet leaving room for more intimate spaces with a hushed atmosphere. This is where Gigi's talent lies: combining a sense of celebration with a sense of privacy.

Faithful to her art of entertaining Alla Grande, Gigi distils in her Parisian home the ingredients that make her success. Her Bellini Bar as a rallying point for aperitivo lovers, her friendly and sunny cuisine inviting to rediscover the treasures of Italian gastronomy, and of course her unique musical atmosphere animated by live performances in the evening, irresistibly inviting to sing and dance: until late at night, the heart of her guests beats faster to the rhythm of Italy.



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