Festival Walk

The shopping mall boasts restaurants, a cinema, and Hong Kong’s largest ice rink. Lighting brings a strong design sensibility to commercial areas executed on a large scale. The lighting concept for the shopping mall emphasizes the identity of its diverse program, as well as orientation throughout the building. Inside of the shopping mall, wave-like forms emanate light, composing a river which is identical on every floor. In addition, a canyon is devised from breaks in the ceiling which also shed light, yet their design changes on each level.

Location Hong Kong
Date Completed 1999
Architect Arquitectonica
Architect of Record Dennis Lau & NG Chung Man
Developer Swire Properties
Client Swire Properties
Type Retail + Galleries
size1,350,000 ft2 / 125,000 m2
Status Built

L'Observatoire Intl Team
Principal Hervé Descottes
Photo Credits Courtesy of Swire Properties, L'Observatoire International