L'Observatoire International has been invited by Hermès for the fourth consecutive year to collaborate on the current installation at Milan Design Week 2024.

This year, Hermès is bringing together new creations and objects from its heritage. Playing on the equivocation between past and present, Hermès' designs are timeless and ageless. Following a route on the theme of its anchors in the ground, the eye first catches a composition of raw materials – bricks, stone, slate, wood, compacted earth – that resembles the design of a jockey’s silk jersey. A powerful symbol of the Hermès' cultural heritage, the jockey silk, with its geometric and colorful patterns, is a source of inspiration for leather objects and textiles.

This time the entire space of La Pelota is transformed into a large theater stage where L'Observatoire International makes the gigantic pattern float in time and space, as if the material was illuminated by itself.

Behind the stage, a series of old and new objects are strategically arranged, juxtaposed to each other. The historical items are illuminated with a naturally nostalgic glow, preserving their heritage, while the new ones are highlighted with exhibition lighting.


Studio CMP


12,055 ft2 / 1,120 m2



Date Completed



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