This beautiful metropolitan restaurant plays with visuality in an arresting manner. Starting with a stark exterior, diners enter into an ethereal space. The ceiling was designed with reflection in mind. The backlit ceiling mirrors reflect the city streets and give the restaurant a liquid effect. All other lighting is kept below the railing, generating a warm, yet chic, atmosphere. The largest challenge arose in the reflection of light on the windows at nighttime. The restaurant is raised 190m above the city, and overly bright lights would create a ruinous glare. This problem was solved by the inventive use of lights and mirrors. The space uses 2200k amber temperature lamps to subtly highlight the mirrored ceiling fixtures. Some are lined with linear LEDs, leading them to disappear into the ceiling. Others are mounted under a fixture, making them “float”. While the lights were initially designed only for night use, they proved so popular that they are now left on in daylight. Fortunately, LEDs are cost effective and easily maintained. While a mixture of LED and halogen dichroic lights are used, the halogen lights are steadily dimmed throughout the night to the point where they consume barely more energy than an LED. Daytime dining affords guests a flawless view, free of glare and with low contrast. The honey lamp color is an integral part of the composition, and was developed in collaboration with the interior designer. The color LEDs and mirrored fixtures give the restaurant a distinctive feel. By working with visual effects, the lighting designers realized a restaurant with a beautiful view, inside and out. The fluidity, warmth, and elegance of the space turn an ordinary night out into a sublime experience.

Interior Designer

Noe Duchaufour Lawrance


5,000 ft2 / 465 m2



Date Completed



Project Leader

Photo Credit

Vincent Leroux