Luis Carrasquillo-Alicea

Senior Designer

Luis Carrasquillo-Alicea (Gurabo, Puerto Rico) completed his Integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s of Architectural Engineering at Pennsylvania State University in 2018. A lifelong theater enthusiast and art lover, Carrasquillo-Alicea is fascinated by light’s ability to influence an individual’s perception and emotion and how light can be cleverly manipulated and integrated into architecture to create unique spatial experiences.

Carrasquillo-Alicea began his lighting design career working on infrastructure, transportation, academic, landscape, and multifamily residential projects. In 2021, he received an IALD Award of Merit and Lumen Award of Merit for his contributions to the David H. Koch Center for Cancer Care at Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Care.

He joined L’Observatoire International in 2023 and has since worked on a variety of hospitality, retail, and private residential projects.