Akito Aiba

Akito Aiba


Designer Akito Aiba was born in Kobe in Japan, and studied architecture at Tokyo University of Science. While in college, he became interested in lighting and after graduating started working at a lighting design studio in Tokyo, where he was involved in the conceptualization and programming of the lighting for multiple outdoor installations, and lighting related window displays.

Akito joined L’Observatoire International in June 2021, and mainly works on projects situated in Japan including commercial high rises and landscapes for Mori Group, Heatherwick Studio and OMA. Akito also supports project teams on several international projects and collaborations for landscape, commercial and residential projects.

Akito likes to visit places where he can have a birds eye view of the city at night, to see the activities of the people and their interaction. To use light to enhance and enrich the appeal of places and create special moments to our daily lives, is something that appeals to him.

Akito Aiba's projects