The Lighting Design part of this project consists of four main components: the Campus Walk, which is the main pedestrian artery of the campus, the Loop, which is a new vehicular ring surrounding the campus, the Historic and New Gateways, which are the two main approaches to the campus, and the Edges, which are outlying areas of parking at the periphery.

Devised for a rapidly growing 21st century university, the proposed lighting scheme addresses both the issue of functionality, geared to meet the needs of the facility, and that of style, with innovative designs and applications. The standards of identity, orientation, hierarchy and structure, uniformity and contrast, security and efficiency establish a framework throughout the new design.

With a variety of readily applicable lighting techniques and equipment, lighting permeates the campus grounds. Nighttime illumination intensifies the properties, textures, and colors of the campus as an environment, while vertical and horizontal massing of primary architectural elements and landscape features create icons in the nightscape.



Date Completed


Project Leader

Eleni Savvidou