The former Hyundai Hotel Gyeongpodae, now known as Seamarq, was rebuilt as part of a revitalization of the region in preparation for the 2018 winter Olympics, and uses solar energy and geothermal heat to meet its aim to be a low carbon landmark. The new boutique hotel is composed of two main buildings and supporting facilities nestled into a hill of dense pine trees overlooking the East Sea, Gyeongpo Lake and the Taebaek mountains. The banquet hall is embedded into the vegetation, while the 15 story trapezoidal hotel tower is anchored to the summit and reaches for the sky. The landscape is punctuated by a series of terraces that take in sweeping views on all sides.

Because of the mostly cool, minimal color palette of the architecture, the lighting was used to highlight all warm elements, such as the wooden feature stairs and wooden ceiling panels, to bring warmth to the interiors. Alternating cove and spot lights accentuate the geometric angles used to delineate the interior and exterior spaces.

L’Observatoire International scope included the exterior lighting, all public interior areas and amenities, as well as guest rooms and suites.



Date Completed


Project Leader

Jason Neches


Jessica Tchah

Natalia Priwin

Photo Credit

Roland Halbe

Courtesy of Richard Meier & Partners