The new Editions de Parfums boutique in Paris' Marais district marks the continuation of an enduring partnership between Frédéric Malle and L'Observatoire International.

This project also represents the first collaboration between L'Observatoire and Paris based design firm Jakob + MacFarlane. In working together the two quickly established a fluid and complementary dialogue that expressed itself in the success and originality of the boutique's design.

In working with Jakob + MacFarlane, L'Observatoire's goal was to integrate the lighting as an intrinsic part of the organic architecture and forms found throughout the space. While sources were carefully concealed the light itself remained present in every fixture.

Display surfaces were brought to life by light reflections that cast a glow on shelving units and counter tops. Specifically the lighting of the parfume bottles was achieved by the use of small uplights, integrated directly in to the wooden shelves below each bottle. Additional illumination came in the form of backlights mounted to the wall and direct lights concealed in the ceiling detail.

All LED fixtures were custom made in France for use on this project. Each fixture also is dimmable and connected to a control system that determines the appropriate atmosphere according to the time of the day.



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Project Leader

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Roland Halbe

Maxime Hibon