An oriental dream between heaven and earth 

Located on the roof of the Institut du Monde Arabe and created by Laurent de Gourcuff and Jamel Debbouze, in homage to the latter's mother, Fatima. Dar Mima is a beautiful celebration of Arab cultures. 

Mima, a name that flows in the mouth like a childhood jingle with a taste of honey. Mima is the tender diminutive of Fatima, Jamel Debbouze's mother. An exceptional woman, charismatic, who has always kept the table open with her simple and sunny cuisine. 

For this project, Paris Society called on the architect Laura Gonzalez, who created for Dar Mima an oriental paradise on the rooftops of Paris. A place infused with Arab hospitality, a bridge between East and West, like the IMA. In the plate, the dishes write a greedy and inspired score, that of a kitchen of sharing. From man'ouché to fattouche, from pastilla to tajine, oriental culinary influences are mixed in this mixed cuisine where the quest for taste and openness are the key words.

Dar Mima is also a festive meeting place. In the course of the evening, the soft animation of the day is followed by a rhythmic and cheerful oriental atmosphere.

Interior Designer

Laura Gonzalez



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Courtesy of Paris Society