Nestled in the lushness and serenity of Singapore's prime Orchard-Oxley neighborhood in District 9, Belle Vue Residences is an exclusive 176-unit freehold luxury development that is an eloquent interplay of architecture and nature. Configured on sprawling grounds of almost 250,000 square feet (sq ft), Belle Vue Residences' lyrical and free-flowing lines and spatial design mirrors the patterns of nature's organic forms, in an accentuated style of curved geometry for which Ito is famously known. Under this concept, Ito's approach to sensibilities accepts changes such as movement, rhythm, transmission and mixture.

The entire site is ringed in greenery, and by making nature both around and within the site serve as the focal source of light, a visual coherence is given to the site as a whole. The sun is unrelentingly bright during the day for most of the year in Singapore. As the sun sets, the trees, the plantings and the water all glow and come alive to create a softer, more soothing but also whimsical atmosphere.  Direct views of light sources and any kind of glare are avoided, emphasizing the effect rather than the source of light, allowing for unexpected games of light and shadow that play on nature’s own theatrics.

LO scope included the lighting masterplan for the site, and all public spaces of the residential buildings and the clubhouse.


250,000 ft2 / 23,225 m2



Project Leader

Eleni Savvidou

Photo Credit

Albert Lim KS