L’Observatoire International is a Lumen Award of Excellence 2023, winner for our work on the Tin Building by Jean-Georges

June 16, 2023

In an exciting collaboration with interior designer Roman and Williams and restaurateur Jean-Georges Vongerichten, L’Observatoire Interrnational lighted the entire 64,000 sqft of the historic Tin Building, the original home of the Fulton Fish Market. The 1907 building was disassembled and replicated at Manhattan’s South Street Seaport, creating a bustling destination. A leitmotif of historically flavored luminaires connects us to the past. And the numerous markets, bars, and restaurants contain individualized articulations of a unified lighting design vocabulary.

The core of the first-floor market is activated by integrated lighting in the millwork and tunable-white backlighting of art glass panels. Pockets of design create self-contained experiences, and custom luminaires help define the unique destinations. Highly customized “invader” luminaires might feel familiar but use divergent expressions.

In the upstairs market, linear lighting in every product shelf is supported by tracklighting and accented by custom decorative fixtures. The high-end Asian restaurant greets visitors with distinctive, red-tiled shelving exaggerated by red striplighting at the back and then white frontlight on products.

Day and night, this waterfront landmark pulses with new life. The lighting ensures that shoppers and diners engage with the venue’s overall identity, easily navigate the enormous floorplan, and delight in unique, multisensory dining experiences.

The IESNYC has awarded L'Observatoire International an Award of Excellence for this project.