University of Pennsylvania 125 Years of Women at Penn

Dedicated in November 2003, 125 Years by artist Jenny Holzer recognizes the anniversary of 125 Years of Women at Penn (celebrated November 1-2, 2001). The artwork consists of a pathway with granite benches and curbs that feature quotations from University of Pennsylvania women over the 125-year period since females were first enrolled at the school. The views and opinions of the women have been inscribed into the stone. The path’s midpoint consists of wooden planks that cross over a series of wetland plantings.


Holzer is a New York based artist known for her text-based works. She collaborated with Philadelphia based landscape architecture firm OLIN and New York lighting designer L’Observatoire International.


The quotations used for 125 Years were selected by Holzer from materials found in the Archives of the University of Pennsylvania.

Location Philadelphia, PA, USA
Date Completed 2003
Landscape Architect Olin Partnership
Artist Jenny Holzer
Type Exterior + Landscapes Artist Collaborations
Status Built

L'Observatoire Intl Team
Principal Hervé Descottes
Photo Credits Laurie Olin, Takashi Sato, Sahar Coston-Hardy courtesy of OLIN