Un nouvel écrin pour la Croisette

The project to redevelop the Croisette, a world-renowned promenade in Cannes, is the result of a collaboration led by the Atelier d'Urbanité Roland Castro and Snøhetta, associated with WSP, L'Observatoire International, JML Water Feature Design, Manifesto, Transitec and Cronos Consulting.


This project aims to restore prestige and elegance to the seafront to support the ambitions of the City and continue the developments already undertaken. La Croisette is one of a kind: it follows a perfect curve. The heart of the bay, about 1.5 km from the shore, offers magnificent views of the promenade, the Gulf of Napoule or the Estérel. La Croisette is enveloped in a magnetic and poetic atmosphere; the city that opens onto the Mediterranean takes on new colors when the sun sets on the horizon and invites you to take a unique walk.


Size: 2,6 km

Timeline: Phase 01: 2025 / Phase 02: 2027 / Phase 03 & 04: 2028

Location Cannes, France
Architect Snøhetta
Architect L’Atelier d’urbanité Roland Castro
Engineering firm WSP
Client Mairie de Cannes
Type Exterior + Landscapes
size1,829,865 ft2 / 170,000 m2
Status In Progress

L'Observatoire Intl Team
Principal Hervé Descottes
Project Leader Etienne Gillabert
Project Team Elie Nespoulous Giuseppe Bini Matthieu Poncelin Pauline David
Photo Credits Courtesy of A'U Roland Castro & Snøhetta / MIR, Rendering by L'Observatoire International