Monterrey Bar at the Standard Spa Miami

Monterrey Bar pays homage to The Standard Spa, Miami Beach's namesake roots Monterrey Motel which opened at 40 Island Avenue in 1953 and was originally designed by Architect Norman Giller. The intimate bar celebrates unique twists on classic cocktails and elevated bites. Indulgent light plates by Executive Chef Andrew Gilbert are designed to pair with the curated beverage menu, reflecting the cool, dark speakeasy style of Monterrey Bar. 


The T-shaped bar with Amazonite stone is a dramatic focal point and provides an intimate place to gather. Afromosia wall paneling and plush carpet emulating the ocean are tied together beneath a Murano glass chandelier. The shelves are playfully lined with a pop art collection of 1980s ‘Frozen Moments’ by artist Geoffrey Rose. Come and stay awhile.

Location Miami, FL, USA
Date Completed 2021
Architect Shawn Hausman Design
Client Ferrado Lido
Client The Standard Hotel Miami
Type Hospitality
Status Built

L'Observatoire Intl Team
Principal Hervé Descottes
Project Team Carlina Geraci Christina Hébert Natalia Priwin Wei Jien
Photo Credits Courtesy of the Standard Spa Miami