Maison Russe

When the Slavic soul meets the Parisian spirit


"I come from a dream, a dream that today is waking up, a Slavic dream, a Russian dream. From this exuberant, festive, shimmering Russia, halfway between fantasy and reality. A Russia in Paris, the city of the world, of light, of spectacle, and which, better than any other, shares the taste for the superb.


On my floors, in my rooms, in my lounges, in the thrill of my décor, I am known as a table, a bar, a delicatessen, and more... However, I prefer to call myself a House, with the capital letter that is necessary when one does not spare the beautiful desire to receive. I am a Maison Russe. A new Parisian passion.


The menu and the cuisine of my Russia find again the comfort of its classics, the food particles of its caviars served in the hollow of the spoon, the runny egg, the rustic potato, the beetroot flirting with the heart of the salmon, the return of the famous coulibiac, a small masterpiece of salmon caught in puff pastry and beurre blanc, the pavlovas drunk with fruit, chocolate and caramel, the vanilla chouquettes served by the slider, the surprise of Medovic... »

Location Paris, France
Date Completed 2022
Client Paris Society
Type Hospitality
Status Built

L'Observatoire Intl Team
Principal Hervé Descottes
Project Leader Francesco Secone
Project Team Corinne Chabert
Photo Credits courtesy of Paris Society