Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery

This beautiful restaurant and bakery in New York’s fashionable Noho district combines the feel of a classic French café with the contemporary flair of a bustling New York City dining spot.


Decorative fixtures that provide a warm glow via milky, translucent glass highlight and compliment the dark-finish cork ceiling and mahogany hues of the millwork without getting subsumed by them. Upon entering the space, the open kitchen-style rotisserie is the focal point, and the lighting emphasizes this with carefully integrated LED fixtures that light the work space while highlighting the decorative copper cookwear and beautiful wood of the bar seating area. 


Via the fully integrated LED track lighting, practicality and aesthetics find harmony in the centerpiece of the restaurant, which invites patrons to take a seat and take a closer look. Three different light typologies come together to create the stunning bar scene: fixtures integrated into the perimeter of the centerpiece clock give it the prominence it demands, downlights integrated into the ceiling beams provide front lighting for the bottles, while white linear LED fixtures integrated into the shelving make each bottle glow from the front and back.


Translucent glass in the decorative sconces and bottomless hanging fixtures maximizes the wattage of the bulbs, ensuring for strict adherence to the Ashrae 90.1 2007 energy code.


The dainty yet elegant fixtures of the café area harken back to the glowing pendants elsewhere in the restaurant, while providing a distinctly homey feel to a café that’s meant to mirror a personal kitchen.

Location New York, New York, USA
Date Completed 2013
Interior Designer Roman and Williams
Client Lafayette Street Partners II, LLC
Type Hospitality
size7,000 ft2 / 650 m2
Status Built

L'Observatoire Intl Team
Principal Hervé Descottes
Project Leader Jessica Tchah
Awards IES Lumen Award of Merit , 2014
Photo Credits Studio Dubuisson