Hermès’ collections at Milan Design Week 2023

The power of fundamentals

This year, the staging has been stripped of all excess to display a framework composed of iron rods and concrete. Its interplay of grids and lines creates, in this radical and powerful structure, an ideal yet very real space for representation. The Hermès creations for the home presented here assert strength through subtraction with effortless presence. This is the very essence of design, drawing inspiration from materials and expressed through skilled know-how.


Techniques and materials

Know-how is given form with exceptional elements: blown glass for minimalist lamps, traditional upholstery for a simple, refined chair, and virtuoso hand embroidery for rugs with highly graphic motifs. Bronze, glass, wood and leather, showcased in their most elemental manifestations or juxtaposed, affirm this preoccupation with organic materials. The muted colors support the expression of figures that are central to the house’s heritage. Equestrian celebrations adorn a porcelain breakfast service with cheerful lines, as well as rugs and blankets that burst with imaginative flair.


Ancelle d’Hermès

Conceived by Danish designer Cecilie Manz, the Ancelle d’Hermès armchair is compellingly direct: its powerful frame in solid wood is combined with a sheet of leather that creates a light and elegant seat. Heir to a Scandinavian tradition that merges robustness with minimalism, this armchair surprises with the perfection of its elegant design.


Patine d’Hermès

This line of objects was born from a strong desire to work leather and bronze together, the raw materials used to create the house’s original harnesses. These ancient materials and the simplicity of their forms radiate intrinsic power. The deep, shimmering patina of the bronze results from unique Japanese know-how. Nasturtium red on the two-toned leather lid of a hinged box creates surprise with its lively contrast, and soothes with the confident triumph of skill over matter.


Simple shapes

The aesthetics of Hermès’ creations for the home are inspired by the authenticity of their shapes and the innate strength of their minimalism

Location Milano, Italy
Date Completed 2023
Architect Studio CMP
Client Hermes
Type Retail + Galleries
Status Built

L'Observatoire Intl Team
Principal Hervé Descottes
Project Leader Etienne Gillabert
Project Team Elie Nespoulous Francesco Secone Giuseppe Bini
Photo Credits Maxime Verret courtesy of Hermès, designboom