Davies and Brook at the Claridge's

While sharing some influences with chef Daniel Humm’s iconic Eleven Madison Park, the food, interior and feel of Davies and Brook combine to create a restaurant that’s entirely its own. The setting is relaxed yet refined, featuring artwork by American artist Roni Horn, a body of work commissioned just for Davies and Brook.


For the new signature Davies and Brook restaurant, LObservatoire International partnered with architects Allied Works Architecture to create a space where light and architecture were brought together in a seamless play of surfaces - where traditional ‘light fixtures’ were transformed into glowing planes and soft highlights.


Working with the architectural team, lighting was detailed to highlight specific architectural gestures through the restaurant, while architectural materials were selected to catch, reflect, or diffuse light to create a seamless play of color and tone throughout the restaurant. As the restaurants use changed from lunch settings to evening dining, lighting was designed to change in tone through the day- transitioning from a brighter, cooler tone to a warmer, more intimate atmosphere. From day to night the restaurant was intended to be a graceful and intimate experience, where layers of accent and ambient light worked harmoniously to create a smooth transition through all hours of service. 

Location London, UK
Date Completed 2019
Architect Allied Works Architecture
Client Make It Nice
Client Maybourne Hotel Group
Type Hospitality
size3,450 ft2 / 320 m2
Status Built

L'Observatoire Intl Team
Principal Hervé Descottes
Project Leader Leah Xandora
Project Team Sanischaya (Waan) Mankhongphithakkul
Photo Credits Jamie McGregor Smith courtesy Make It Nice, Claridde's