The Bronx Museum of the Arts

The Bronx Museum of Arts is a cultural institution located in the New York City borough of the Bronx. The museum is focused on showcasing contemporary and 20th century works created by American artists.


L’Observatoire International collaborated with Arquitectonica on the first phase of Museum renovations, designing the lighting scheme for the exterior façade, exterior landscape, and all interior public spaces.


Arquitectonica and L'Observatoire have created a sense of accessibility and public ownership throughout the Museum by means of utmost simplicity and modesty in design choices. On the interior, an exposed lighting system comprising standard steel fixtures lights the sparse and austere interior spaces flanked by wire-cable railings, cylindrical columns and concrete floors. These modest components, all visually bound by lighting, further emphasize the message of straightforward utilitarianism and functionality as a means to bridge the divide between art and its audience.

Location New York, New York, USA
Date Completed 2006
Architect Arquitectonica
Client The Bronx Museum of the Arts
Type Museums + Cultural Institutions
size47,000 ft2 / 4,400 m2
Status Built

L'Observatoire Intl Team
Principal Hervé Descottes
Photo Credits Norman McGrath courtesy of Arquitectonica