This publication provides both a critical approach and conceptual framework for understanding architectural lighting design.  As such, it is necessary to underscore two vital issues specific to the methodologies of this proposed book.  The first concerns disciplinary practices: Lighting design is a field relevant to many disciplines including but not limited to stage design, light art, and electrical engineering.


Second, it must be noted that this publication provides a particular approach to the profession that has been garnered through the author’s personal experiences in the field and through his relationship with architects and collaborators.  With respect to this focus, the methods of lighting design examined here are not to be considered exhaustive.


Together, the analytical deconstruction of the visual principles of light explained both through imagery and words, and the imaginative insight of collaborators who have garnered the power of light to render actual built environments will provide new theoretical insight in the field of architectural lighting design.


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PublisherPrinceton Architectural Press
Date PublishedJul 14, 2010
Pages143, Softcover

This edition illustrates the dynamic architectural lighting projects of New York-based designer Hervé Descottes / L‘Observatoire International. A unique monographic work, Ultimate Lighting Design reveals Descottes‘ collaborations with internationally renowned architects, artists and designers.

Date PublishedJul 15, 2005
Pages314, Hardcover