L’Observatoire International is a lighting design firm, created in 1993 by Hervé Descottes. The firm is comprised of skilled lighting designers, architects, interior designers, engineers, and artists.


Emphasizing a collaborative effort, L’Observatoire provides lighting design to a range of spatial expressions including museums, performing arts centers, concert halls, airports, universities, towers, landscapes, hotels, private residences, commercial properties, retail stores, and art direction for international luxury brands. To account for such a cross-section of programmatic and geographically specific requirements, we have developed a rigorously contextual and individualized approach to lighting design.


As architectural lighting designers, our role is to leverage light as a medium through which architectural intentions can be heightened and spaces transformed. With light as our tool, we reveal the aesthetic qualities of a space and accentuate the experience of an environment, creating a bespoke ambiance. We have a unique knowledge of how to combine light with architecture to create an unparalleled immersive atmosphere.


The team is engaged in every stage of the design process, providing graceful, realistic, and environmentally conscious lighting solutions for each of our clients.


Our office is located in downtown Manhattan, New York.

Hervé Descottes
Zara Messano
Assistant to the Principal
Vanessa Thaureau
Art Direction
Christopher Marta
Daniel Reinhard
Business Development Director
Nicolas Dufils
Technical Director
Anna Harrah
Office Manager
Wei Jien
Senior Associate
Etienne Gillabert
Artemis Papadatou
Senior Designer
Natalia Priwin
Senior Lighting Designer
Jenny Ivansson
Senior Lighting Designer
Michiru Tanaka
Senior Lighting Designer
Solenn Borchers
Senior Lighting Designer
Francesco Secone
Senior Lighting Designer
Papon Kasettratat
Senior Lighting Designer
Carrie Chang
Carlos Garcia
Mint Thumrongluck
Lighting Designer
Thomas Mnich
Lighting Designer
Bipin Rao
Lighting Designer
Wen Lin
Lighting Designer
Ece Ozerdem
Lighting Designer
Amol Sardeshpande
Yasmin Giacoman
Junior Designer
Jessica Tchah
Senior Designer
Leah Xandora
Lighting Designer
Nathan Emery
Lighting Designer
Margherita Bilato
Lighting Designer
Anna Muslimova
Architectural Renderer
Mathilde Rouiller
Concept Development & Research
Sam Davey
Lighting Designer
Joy Younan